Summary of unique and strange events

Here is a unique and strange events in the world

1. Outbreaks of Tanganyika Laughter
Strange occurrences documented in the successful mass psychogenic illness is the Tanganyika Laughter Epidemic in 1962. Complete events for this condition is described in a paper published in the Central African Journal of Medicine published in 1963. This outbreak began with a becandaan among the students in one dormitory in Tanzania, and from that point, a young woman began to laugh uncontrollably. source: http://huteri.com

2. Born and died with comet Halley
Mark Twain was born as the appearance of Halley's comet in 1835, and died in 1910 following the appearance of Halley's comet. He himself predicted this in 1909 when he said "I came up with comet Halley in 1835. Next year the comet is coming again, and I expect to go with it ". source: http://bayu-ict.blogspot.com

3. Baby birth of the Red-eyed devil in Arabic

4. In temukannya wreck of Noah on Mount gambling

5. Some degree of shifting of the Sun

6. Birth of a three-eyed baby in Arabic

7. The direction change of approximately 20 degrees which is at 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. The sun just below the Kaaba

8. The days of the fall on Friday

9. Rain of Blood in India. source: http://oktavitaa.blogspot.com


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