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unexpected entertainment

up in the morning, the body feels fresh. He remembered the plan today. on the day of the week is perfect for the holidays. but many work at home, just the way out to buy a bathing equipment. there was on this day marathon bike race event. participants in the bike race followed by a variety of backgrounds, from adults to children. bicycle race on that day to give their own entertainment for the surrounding community. security of a tight race in the case of the police and local government. bike race in full swing, there are no major obstacles. These days a lot of unexpected events, which provide their own entertainment. and so first of my experience, I hope your day enjoyable.


10 unique animals in the world

1. Pez AxFish that have the most expressive face, this is a hatchet fish, very thin and sad-eyed expression that comes from humans.

2. BlankCayThis turtle is unique, with little specks of color a delicate pink. Her body is very important in Chinese culture and appears as a character in many stories and legends. Copies of images found on the banks of the Yellow River in Zhengzhou of Henan Province, China. It weighs 6.5 pounds and measures about 40 inches long. And yes, make sure that the Chinese soup with it also contains a turtle.

3. Sea PigMany people who have seen her call to the animal-like Pokemon. This strange animal called the sea pig. He lives on the ocean floor and not much else is known about what he was doing there, but eat by filtering sea mud.

4. Ear length gerbilsLong-eared Jerboa is rodents (bats) little night life in the deserts of China and Mongolia. He has a long tail that exceeds the size of his body and big rabbit ears. Being such a rare animal, is in danger of extinction. These animals are among the ten species were investigated in 2007 by the Zoological Society of London.

5. Litoria CaeruleaThis could be the rarest frog in the general said in his native region, Litoria Caerulea called, these frogs can change from green to brown, although the downside is a little excess weight.

6. Matamata TurtleIt was the strangest in the history of sea turtle ever found, very rare and exotic, have a brown or black carapace length of 45 cm, this Plastron narrow, and have sharp cutting front. Head triangular, flattened and elongated. Having a lot of bumps on the skin, two whiskers and two additional grooves on the chin and elongated snout.

7. Frog fish TodfishHairy frog fish a strange creature with a unique appearance. This species can be found in warm waters in Indonesia, walking on the sea floor in search of food, hiding among sponges and corals. Semicircular body, thick mouth and position in the sand when it comes to pounce on its prey. Birth weight of yellow hair that resembles a lot of consequences. Its size varies greatly.

8. Juron O JutiaDerived from Hispaniola, can be called also Jutia Juron / Solendon, creatures like cecurut with a long snout and specialized teeth capable of injecting venom. There are only two species of Solenodon in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and the other in Cuba.

9. Saiga TataricaTatarica Saiga is a living mammal species (artiodactyl Antilopinae) subfamily in the steppes of Central Asia, from southern Russia (Kazan) to the northwest China and Mongolia, the largest number of mostly live in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

10. Purple FrogHere is a frog with a purple nose, an amphibian that has not known for certain, is found in India in 2003. Its scientific name "Sahyadrensis Nasikabatrachus".source:


Summary of unique and strange events

Here is a unique and strange events in the world

1. Outbreaks of Tanganyika Laughter
Strange occurrences documented in the successful mass psychogenic illness is the Tanganyika Laughter Epidemic in 1962. Complete events for this condition is described in a paper published in the Central African Journal of Medicine published in 1963. This outbreak began with a becandaan among the students in one dormitory in Tanzania, and from that point, a young woman began to laugh uncontrollably. source:

2. Born and died with comet Halley
Mark Twain was born as the appearance of Halley's comet in 1835, and died in 1910 following the appearance of Halley's comet. He himself predicted this in 1909 when he said "I came up with comet Halley in 1835. Next year the comet is coming again, and I expect to go with it ". source:

3. Baby birth of the Red-eyed devil in Arabic

4. In temukannya wreck of Noah on Mount gambling

5. Some degree of shifting of the Sun

6. Birth of a three-eyed baby in Arabic

7. The direction change of approximately 20 degrees which is at 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. The sun just below the Kaaba

8. The days of the fall on Friday

9. Rain of Blood in India. source:


Travel safe in a foreign country

Many things that need to be prepared to travel abroad. Before you decide to go to a country you had never visited, you should first study the characteristics of the destination country. Here are a few things can be learned: 

1. Learned Cultural Destinations Knowing the habits of the place of destination is needed, to support so you do not look stiff. Knowing the crime-prone areas is also very useful, so you will always be vigilant and cautious.
2. Keep Kmergency Numbers Store emergency numbers such as numbers of local police and embassy numbers. Maybe you travel in a long time, it is most useful for you. Save also the number of people that you can call the embassy. Mastering the language about language, although only basis would be very helpful.

3. Appearance Maintain your appearance during a visit to the country of destination. Do not wear flashy jewelry, as this could provoke violence. 

4. Know the Local Crime Rate Know the crime rate is very useful destination for travelers. Always be alert and cautious. Although the local crime rate is low, it does not mean no crime.
5. Ride Public Transportation Taxi in accordance with the recommendation of the hotel is more secure than your own to find a taxi. if the public bus, you should sit near the driver. If you take the train looking for a crowded passenger train. 

Survived a tour, hopefully this advice useful for you. be careful on the road and have a nice day.


Amazing hotels in Asia

Hobbies tour would have to choose the hotel that you enjoy. Here are the various hotels that you should try to spend the night. The following hotel is very impressive and elegant located in Asia.
 1. Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong
Hotel located in Shanghai's financial center, providing easy access to anywhere. Its location close to shopping centers and offices there are also luxury converge. There are 285 rooms that directly serve a direct view to the city center, such as rivers Huangp and the famous Bund. Rooms are equipped with glass windows from floor to ceiling, so that makes you comfortable and relax to calm down from all your fatigue.

2. W Retreat Koh Samui, Thailand
Located on a quiet headland near the north coast of Koh Samui. 75 villas with glass windows overlooking the beautiful beaches and clean. The villa is equipped with a private pool and overlooks the stunning Gulf of Thailand. Here there is also a business center and Whatever / Whenever, a unique service that turns your dreams into reality, like soaking in hot chocolate, ready to serve you.

3. Hullett House, Hong Kong
The hotel is situated at the end of the district of Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. Colonial-style building that used in the 19th century had been a marine police headquarters, now converted into a luxury hotel with 10 suites. Room size between 240-335 square meters is designed to commemorate Hong Kong's particular history. The rooms are quite luxurious presents the views of the downtown Hong Kong.

4. Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore
Fullerton Bay Hotel has 100 rooms. There are five theme suites and a luxurious Presidential Suite, complete with views of Marina Bay from each balcony. The rooms are styled with charming interior rosewood, leather, copper and chandeliers and Italian marble floor mosaic in the lobby welcoming. If you got out of the room, also visit the Lantern, a bar on the roof of the luxurious Fullerton.
adapted from Esther Cheng


The peak of Mount

Climb the peak was tired. Step by step along the path. The wind blows and the leaves to accompany me. Sweat was streaming down the body. Curiosity makes increasingly stepping rate. Along the way the ornate imagination. Is peak as beautiful as imagined. No peak was peering in through the clouds. It feels wonderful to decorate the top view. Feeling tired as if lost could not leave tracks.


The light behind the clouds

The trip home was exhausting. Especially in the afternoon the weather was not friendly. The clouds began to adorn the blue sky. Preparation leading to the house has been completed properly. Before sliding on the road we bid farewell to the host. Just to say thank you for what is given. We are very happy time. Drinking tea and cake farewell cover provided by the friendly host. These memories we always keep in memory. It was an amazing experience. Meet with others and show friends and friendly nature. Made us feel comfortable to stay with them. However, our job is finished and must continue the journey to the next stage. Finally, we say many thanks to the host and see you at another time. The light behind the clouds to give a sign to us to immediately hurried home. Enjoy your trip, be careful.

Clouds in the afternoon

Body feels tired after a day of work lost after seeing the sights in the afternoon clouds. Maybe this time is very convenient when enjoying a coffee with a friend or sweetheart. Like lovers or those who are on honeymoon. I took this picture during the afternoon. In order to get the picture with a mix of natural colors. Although lighting is not perfect, but pretty good for a beginner. Mount image below to add this beautiful scenery. A mix of clouds, mountains and sea water makes your mood may be more convenient. Enjoy the atmosphere of your evening with a big smile on your lips swell and certainly with your favorite coffee. This is the right time uk untmemanjakan yourself, perhaps.