Travel safe in a foreign country

Many things that need to be prepared to travel abroad. Before you decide to go to a country you had never visited, you should first study the characteristics of the destination country. Here are a few things can be learned: 

1. Learned Cultural Destinations Knowing the habits of the place of destination is needed, to support so you do not look stiff. Knowing the crime-prone areas is also very useful, so you will always be vigilant and cautious.
2. Keep Kmergency Numbers Store emergency numbers such as numbers of local police and embassy numbers. Maybe you travel in a long time, it is most useful for you. Save also the number of people that you can call the embassy. Mastering the language about language, although only basis would be very helpful.

3. Appearance Maintain your appearance during a visit to the country of destination. Do not wear flashy jewelry, as this could provoke violence. 

4. Know the Local Crime Rate Know the crime rate is very useful destination for travelers. Always be alert and cautious. Although the local crime rate is low, it does not mean no crime.
5. Ride Public Transportation Taxi in accordance with the recommendation of the hotel is more secure than your own to find a taxi. if the public bus, you should sit near the driver. If you take the train looking for a crowded passenger train. 

Survived a tour, hopefully this advice useful for you. be careful on the road and have a nice day.


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